As many of our families prepare to celebrate this week, we want to recognize and honor the following holidays:


Passover is a week-long festival in the Jewish calendar that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

As one of the most widely observed holidays in the Jewish tradition, Passover commemorates the liberation from slavery in Egypt. Passover, the springtime Jewish holiday, begins at sundown on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.



For many Christians, Easter is an important holiday within their faith. The holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, occurring after the end of the 40-day period known as Lent. It is the last day of the Holy Week, consisting of several days.  These include: 

  • Palm Sunday: commemorating when Jesus entered Jerusalem
  • Holy Thursday: commemorating the Last Supper and washing of feet 
  • Good Friday: commemorating Jesus' crucifixion and death
  • Easter Sunday: commemorating the resurrection of Jesus