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Nayatt News Update for Families, 9.20.2020

Great work families:

  • The students are doing wonderful wearing their masks, this is so important.

  • Thank you for your patience and support as we make adjustments to keep everyone safe.

  • Thank you to our PTO for bins for individual bins for student materials, our schol spirit wear and our individually wrapped treats to welcome us back.

  • We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the Nayatt School Community in these unique times.

Planning for the weather:

  • Classroom windows must remain open throughout the day for 4-6 fresh air exchanges per hour.

  • As the weather gets chilly, students should dress in layers of clothing.

  • Students will also go out for recess and access their outside classroom.

  • We appreciate your help and support, this is an issue at my house each day, my child would wear shorts and a tee shirt each day if I let her.  

  • Pack a sweatshirt or jacket in their backpack.

Student Attestation Forms:

  • The form only needs to be completed once.  Thanks so much for everyone who has gotten them into us.

  • The link to the form was sent out most recently by Mrs. Collins, our school nurse.

  • Please get those into us asap.  Thank you! 

Dismissal Needs:

  • The school and central administration have been receiving complaints about the traffic on Nayatt Road.

  • On Friday, the Superintendent of Schools and Barrington Police came to observe and give feedback.

  • We have over 200 car pick ups.  We would not want to impede an emergency vehicle.  Please adhere to the following:

    • Car pick ups should pull all the way down to the end of the bus lane, do not stop along the way.  

    • Pull up as close to the car in front of you as you can. 

    • Once the lane closest to the sidewalk is full.  We will cue a second lane of cars, this should allow about 40 vehicles into the bus lane.

    • Please do not get out of your car, the Nayatt staff will load students who need help.

    • Once the first lane has been loaded, we will load the second lane of cars and then start the traffic flow again in the lane closest to the sidewalk.

    • All families with students in the Multi-Age Program-Pereira, Kwolek and Ferreira should use the car lane closest to Nayatt Rd. and load at the MAC Blue doors on the blacktop.

    • All Kindergarten families should also use the car lane closest to Nayatt Rd., pull all the way to the black iron gate and let us load your car.  Please do not stop at the Kindergarten Doors.

    • These steps will keep traffic moving and allow more cars into the lanes.  11 classes are loading on the front lawn.

Walker Pick Up Adjustments:

  • Parents picking up children in the Multi-Age Program should come around 2:40 PM to get their child on the blacktop by the MAC blue, towards the open field.  

  • Buses will be gone by this time.

  • Downstairs Kindergarten students in Ms. Marra and Ms. Milman’s classes will pick up their child in the garden behind Kindergarten at 2:40 PM.

  • Thank you for the help in relieving congestion on the Terrace side, it is difficult to maintain social distancing with so many families picking up.

School Picture Day:

  • Tuesday, October 6th, outdoors with social distancing and adjustments for mask wearing.  Details will be sent home.

Barrington Flu Clinics:

Upcoming Flu Clinic

Open House:

  • This will be virtual

  • It was originally scheduled for September 23rd before the state pushed back the start date for school.

  • We will keep you updated.

Nayatt School Spirit Wear:

  • Special Thanks to the Nayatt PTO for our spirit wear, all of the staff wore their Nayatt School shirts on Friday!  It was awesome.  

  • We will get ordering information out to our new families soon.