Nayatt Dolphins

Dear Nayatt Families,

Thank you for another great week!  Things are running smoothly and the children are internalizing the routines, both those at school and those at home. Please see the information and links below related to condensed arrival times, flu clinics, school pictures, and lunch ordering.  The updates will go out on Fridays so parents can get to them over the weekend and plan for the week ahead.  Hope this is helpful.

We also appreciate the diligence of families with monitoring symptoms of COVID and keeping kids home when necessary.  We recognize that this is not easy and we are thankful for the cooperation.  Please remember, students can access everything they need using their clever badge if they are out and distance learning.  The clever badge allows them to access Canvas, Freckle, and other sites.  Please remember that their peers are in school and following expectations.  This is not like last spring when we were all at home and we could be more flexible. 

Distance Learning Expectations:

  • Students should be appropriately dressed for learning.Empowering All Students to Excel-Nayatt News Update for Families, 9.28.2020

    Barrington Flu Clinics Begin next week:

    Upcoming Flu Clinic

    Nayatt School Picture Day:

    • Tuesday, October 6th-outdoors in the garden.  There are three cameras, two in the garden so they are 14ft apart and one near the blacktop.

    • One class comes to each photographer at a time and they will be socially distanced.

    • We will plan a raindate if there is inclement weather.

    • The Coffee Pond COVID protocol will be sent home with picture forms.

    • Coffee Pond

    • Coffee Pond Safety Procedures-COVID 19

    • Distance Learners-Nayatt School Picture Day Schedule

    Nayatt School Lunch Ordering forms for the Week of October 5th:

    Planning for inclement weather/indoor recess:

    • It would be helpful if parents could send legos or other small things that their children like to play with at recess.

    • It should be able to fit in a manageable size tupperware or plastic bin that can fit on a child’s desk.

    • Our staff will work to load the children at dismissal as quickly as possible.

    Arrival Update:

    • To be closer to the other K-3 Schools for start time of 8:15 AM, we will be compressing our arrival time by 10 minutes now that we have the routine down.

      • 7:45-7:55 AM-Buses

      • 7:55 AM-8:20 AM-Walkers

      • 7:55-8:05 Car Drop offs, A-K

      • 8:05-8:20 AM-Car Drop offs, L-Z

    • We appreciate your help and support!  Everything is running smoothly.

    Dismissal Needs:

    • Please adhere to the following:

      • No idling while waiting for the dismissal process to start.

      • Everyone exits right, but please be careful of our families walking and riding home, there are many in the afternoon.  Thank you.

    Walker Pick Up Adjustments:

    • Now that we have the routines down, parents can arrive around 2:40 PM to meet their walkers and riders.

    Lanyards for Students:

    • If you have a lanyard provided by the school, please return it to us for safety reasons.  Thank you.

    Have a great weekend!

    Tracey Learned


    Nayatt School, A Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, 2015