Nayatt News Update, 11.13.2020

Nayatt News Update 11.13.2020

Empowering All Students to Excel

Dear Nayatt Families,

Hope you are hanging in there!  Monday, November 16th, is a Distance Learning Day for students while teachers engage in professional development.  For the most part, they will not be available to families to provide support with technology.  Please do your best if you have issues.

Students will progress through assignments independently that have been provided to them.  Their clever badges access everything they need.  Grades 2 and 3 students have been using their clever badges for assessment in recent weeks and have been practicing accessing links in Canvas.  Teachers checked to make sure that clever badges went home today.

Our older students can help siblings.  They are a wonderful resource!

Technology Update:

Please know that we recognize that we have about 25 families still waiting on devices from the district.  Please know that this is in process.  We should have them in students’ hands soon.  Chromebooks are in district, but devices are on a cycle for replacement.  Grade levels on this year's replacement cycle are getting the newer devices first and this is complete.   Older devices are being checked by our Technology Staff and are being redistributed to the K-3 level.

PTO Square 1 Art Virtual Fundraiser:

A great activity for our students on Monday is completing our Square 1 Art Virtual Fundraiser.

Family Instructions:  How to Participate

Learn More:  Gift ideas-masks, home decor, kitchen accessories, and more.

COVID-19 Quarantine Update:

As we deal with increased numbers of positive COVID 19 cases, we have been impacted by multiple quarantine situations in the school and in community organizations such as day cares and youth sports  who work with students from Nayatt.  

At this point, building administrators supported by district leadership are doing the investigations for RIDOH and making decisions regarding quarantine, distance learning, and more.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe.   RIDOH does the follow up phone calls and communication with families.  The good news is that currently we have no spread of COVID-19 in our schools.  

We cannot thank our families enough for their timely responses in scheduling tests and pursuing RIDOH for results so they have the necessary documents to return to school.  

I also cannot thank my partners in this process, Nurse Nichole Collins, Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Dillon, Superintendent, Mr. Michael Messore, and the Director of Finance and Administration, Mr. Doug Fiore.  The process is time consuming, involving lots of communication and documentation and they have been dedicated and tireless partners in this work.

New Mask Wearing Information from the Superintendent’s Update:

Increased precautions directed by RIDOH include a change to our mask break procedures.  

  • No scheduled breaks for the entire class to take their masks off at one time

  • A student may take their mask off outside when more than 6 feet away from their class, but not all students at the same time

  • Outdoor breaks and learning continue to be encouraged and supported as a standard part of the day for all students.

It's also important for parents to set good examples for our little ones and wear our masks at all times.  This is for the safety and protection of our community.

Upcoming Events:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday, Wed., Nov. 25th-Fri. Nov. 27th-No School Students

Holiday Travel:

If students are out of school visiting family for the holidays outside of the days above, this is considered an unexcused absence.  They cannot participate in remote learning with their class.

When they return, if they are required to quarantine, they can participate in remote or distance learning with their teacher and classmates.

RIDOH guidance on COVID/Travel  This may require a quarantine and we want parents to be fully aware of the expectations.  Thank you for your time and attention.

Nayatt Learning Models:

We are happy to report that we are down to less than 30 families participating in Distance Learning.  

We are doing great in school because of mask wearing, social distancing, handwashing, and disinfecting.  Social distancing is the most challenging for our little ones, but we keep up our efforts.  Please remind them at home how important this is.  It is their natural inclination, but they want to keep themselves and others safe.

When you see Mr. John, our custodian, at the crosswalk, please thank him for keeping our school so clean.  He works tirelessly throughout the day keeping our building clean and comes in over the weekend to deep clean.

  • Students who are out sick or being monitored for covid symptoms may participate in Distance Learning, if they are able.

  • Students are not allowed to participate in Distance Learning at random.  This is carefully followed and documented and can be cause for an attendance investigation.

  • If your child needs to be home for illness, try to email the office staff and the classroom teacher so we can mark your child, “virtually present” and make sure they can access the classroom.

  • Students who are on vacation are considered an unexcused absence and will make up work on their return, this is district policy.

Official Changes to Your Child’s Learning Model:

Link to Request Form

Lunch Orders:

  • Students will order lunches in their classroom from Tuesday, November 17th-Tuesday, November 24th due to staffing shortages.

  • Thank you for your time and attention.

East Bay Food Pantry:

Any family in Eastern RI in need of of food can come to us for help, free of charge. We are located at 532 Wood St. in the basement of the Franklin Court Independent Living building.

If families need help for the holidays, anyone who shops at our Food Pantry in November or December will automatically receive an extra bag with holiday foods. There is no need to sign-up in advance.  

We will be closed from noon on Wednesday, Nov. 25-Friday, Nov. 27 for Thanksgiving, and we will be closed from 3 PM on Wednesday, Dec. 23 through New Year's Day.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me by email or by phone at 401-396-9490.  Thank-you,

Karen Griffith-Executive Director East Bay Food Pantry


Have a great weekend!


Tracey Learned, Principal

Nayatt School, A Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, 2015