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Nayatt News Update 8.6.2021
Empowering All Students to Excel

Kindergarten and New Student Registration:

  • Nayatt’s enrollment is lower than usual for this time of year in some grade levels, if you know anyone with an entering Kindergarten student, please share this message with them.  Remind them to register.
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Parents complete the packet and drop off at the School Administration Office at 283 County Road, across from the library, in Town Hall.
  • Please let any new neighbors know to register for school as soon as possible.  This impacts staffing.  Thank you so much.

Upcoming Events:

Week of August 16th-Placement Information will be sent

  • Letters will be sent to families via Aspen in an email.
  • We do not take requests for teachers per district practice.  
  • Emails will include a welcome letter from the classroom teacher and a supply list.
  • Information on Kindergarten Orientation and New Student Orientation will come out soon!

September 1st and 2nd-Optional Transition Days for Families

  • Parents and students are not required to participate.  The first official day of school is September 8th.

Wednesday, September 1st
7:55-11:30 AM

  • All students are welcome to participate in a half day at school.
  • They will have a modified schedule, with a 30 minute special subject class such as Art, Music, Library, or PE and a snack/recess break.
  • Students will participate in “getting to know you” activities with their teacher and new classmates.

12:30-3:00 PM

  • Teachers will participate in Hopes & Dreams Conferences(10-15 minutes) with families via Zoom.
  • A sign up genius will be set up for meetings, this will be included in the welcome packet.

Thursday, September 2nd
7:55 AM-12:15 PM

  • Hopes & Dreams Conferences continue, Teachers have professional development in the afternoon.

September 6th-Labor Day, No School
September 7th-Rosh Hashanah-The Jewish New Year, No School
September 8th, Wednesday-First full day of school for students
September 16th-Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement, No School
September 29th-Open House-Save the date

Summer Learning Resources from the RI Dept. of Education:

Summer Learning:

Mrs. Bertonicini’s a.k.a. “The Library Lady’s” Summer Information:

Mrs. Blanchette’s, the Nayatt Reading Specialist’s Information for Kindergarten:

Grade 1:
High Frequency Words are the most commonly used words in our language.  These words are very important for children to learn how to read and to spell.  Many HFW are regularly spelled and decodable.  Some HFW, however, are more tricky and contain a letter or letter combination that do not follow common letter-sound correspondence.  We call these words Red Words (Heart Words).  Some Red Words are permanently irregular, but others are temporarily irregular, meaning students haven’t learned the letter-sound correspondence in that word just yet.  Check out the great link on “Heart Word Magic” below for more detailed information about teaching Heart Words.

Helpful links for High Frequency Word practice:

Ms Muccino’s, the Nayatt Math Specialist’s, Summer Learning:

Hope you are enjoying your summer!